Friday, October 9, 2009

Tues, 6th Oct 2009 - Rapid City, South Dakota to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

What a change weather wise, today was a nice sunny day, still cold but not complaining, we seem to have kept a day ahead of the snow. Today, we visited Mount Rushmore, we were lucky it had just re-opened that morning due to being closed for the snow yesterday. It was definitely worth seeing, very impressive, but thought the car parking fee of $10 was a bit steep, as we were only there for about 20 minutes. Keystone, the town below the monument was cute, an old american style town. We then headed on to the town of WALL, if you are not aware this town has a famous store called Walldrug. It was originally a pharmacy in the 1930's but the owner wasn't doing very well in the depression years, until his wife came up with the idea of giving away free iced water in the summer to passing cars who were on their way to Mount Rushmore. From then on it grew into a huge tourist attraction as he extended the premises selling everything you can think of, it has gifts, cafe, old black and white photo's, a museum, a shooting gallery, you can even pan for your own gold. After we had had lunch in Wall, we continued on our way to the Badlands. No words can describe the beauty of the Badlands, we both found it more impressive than Yellowstone. Tony could have spent all day there taking photos, there was just so much to see. After an exhausting day, (we lost an hour going through a Time Zone) we headed to our hotel for a rest.

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