Friday, October 9, 2009

Monday 5th Oct Sheridan Wyoming to Rapid City South Dakota

After visiting Yellowstone Park we stayed another night at Bozeman and then continued on our journey. Due to worsening weather conditions, snow was predicted, we decided to abandon our idea of camping for the night and decided to head to Sheridan, Wyoming and stay in a hotel there.

On the way we passed The Battlefield of the Little Bighorn, Custer's Last Stand. There was not a lot there just markers of where the poor soldiers had fallen in battle. It seemed so ironic as a lot of the soldiers were immigrants who only joined the cavalry as a way of feeding themselves and staying alive, and they ended up all dying in a battle where they were totally outnumbered. There was also a monument with all the names commemerated on it these included a Harrison and a Smith. We then continued on our way to our hotel in Sheridan.

Upon waking we found that we had had about 3 inches of snow overnight, luckily it was soft snow so we were able to continue on our journey. Unfortunately, the weather didn't improve , it was overcast all day with intermittent snow showers. I was really disappointed as I wanted to see the Devils Tower (Encounters of the Third Kind) but we had to postpone that trip. We were glad to get to the hotel and chill out.

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